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It used to be that investment diversification was a pretty simple exercise.  Choose a mix of stocks and bonds - or better yet, stock and bond mutual funds, and then slowly shift the mix towards bonds as you get older.However, the world has changed and many financial planners would agree that this...
How to Invest in Real Estate without the Hassle of Owning Property or Managing Tenants GCA Equity Partners will host a free educational online seminar called “Three Surprising Ways to Invest in Real Estate, Without Owning Property or Managing Tenants” on Wednesday, May 9th. As traditional investm...
Make your money work hard for you by evaluating old 401Ks, investment diversification and real estate funds… In my grandfather’s generation, most middle class Americans with good jobs could count on working for a single company for thirty or forty years and then retiring at the end with nice litt...
 Without Dealing with Tenants, Repairs, or Even Owning Property! For centuries people have viewed investing in real estate as a possible path to creating true wealth.  However, as every experienced real estate investor knows, that path is not easy.  You have to identify the right properties, anal...

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