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I was at the grocery store the other day when a distribution company was switching out all of the real estate books for the month. I was shocked to see that the number of new books versus the number of old books were virtually identical.Is anyone reading books anymore? Are Moms with screaming kid...
I was talking to a few agents over the past week. The funny thing is that all of them have never heard of AR.  I explained the networking and sharing odf ideas to them.They told me they would be reluctant to share their successes with others for fear that all of their own research would be their ...
Rumor has it on a few sports blogs that I have read that there would be "shock and awe" when the buyer of Michal Vick's Smithfield home was revealed. Anyone have the inside scoop?
I keep reading alot of post pertaining to Google and SEO. Is anyone out there aware that Google is not the only search engine?Has anyone heard of Yahoo? How about MSN? Netscape (time warner)...there's a new one. Jeeves may be gone but the part remains.All of the meta tags are great to hav...
Here is a source for all of you to get things printed cheaper...I use them for cards their prices and use them if you wantwww.weprintcheap.comIm not getting anything for this....just wanted to share with you
With so many different ways to market to potential buyers and sellers these days I often wonder how people choose their way to market. If you read the typical publications like Homes & Land et al, you think that agents and brokers are in the magazine because they have to be. But do you? Who Says?...
I want you to see yourself using my product to get more people to your website. I want to get you a free CD so you can see the possibilities for your self. Send me the following information and I will put together a Sample CD for you and email it back to you.1. Pictures of Your Listing2. A Pictur...
12 out of the 18 holes that I played this weekend had a bench with a realtors name and face on them. Unfortunately all of the women were sporting beards, goatees, or mustaches. Most of the men had gap teeth or devil horns.Ugly Agents?No. Some clever golfer had vandalized all of the benches with a...
It's 1130 pm here in the west...I am watching sportscenter and drinking a heineken after just finishing an online poker game. I decided to flip through the channels and I saw a Carlton Sheets Infomercial. I  want to propose that we all go out and buy 100 copies of this program and pass them out t...
If you want there is a free blog service available at blogger.comYou can actually set up a free real estate blog with your clients and answer their questions.You can fully customize every page, and perhaps lose your old website all together....Just thought I would pass it along to any one who did...

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