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Chocolate Blues...     Every now then, I have an opportunity to work with some real creative talent and produce a fun video. Jennifer and Regina are two gals that feed off each other and come up with lots of fun and creative ideas.     Chocolate Blues is one of the largest, most fun networking ev...
717 Harpeth Knoll Ct. Nashville,TNThis property offers: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths , hardwood, fireplace, inground pool , spacious (privacy) fenced back yard , on a quiet cul de sac in the Belleview section of Nashville. This property has a new heating & cooling system , 3 yr. old water heater, 5 yr. ol...
Screwing Off...     It isn't every day I get to see folks screwing off, but this past Friday, I had the time of my life, watching gals of all ages screwing off - the tops of wine bottles that is as they set a World's Record for the largest number of women simultaneously unscrewing bottles of wine...
Copping Some Z's...     Okay, if you don't know tomorrow we fall back you either don't care, Big Brother is resetting your clocks or you've been hiding under a 'shroom. So if you are feeling tired, cranky and irritable, tomorrow is that day where you can feel good about copping those extra Z's.  ...
Happy Birthday...There are so many things, I want to say, especially on this, her special day. Kindness and thoughtfulness is her forte, Her love for us, she does convey. Happy birthday to you on this beautiful day, We wish you the best, 'tis no delay. Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end, ...
Fear Mongering...      Those of us in the industry, fully understand that Real Estate is local. However; it appears as if the National Media has not or has made the decision to turn a blind eye and ear to this and speak what they want folks to hear under the premise - bad news sells.      Not all...
Wanted: Women Who Wine...     Wine, Wine, Wine. And what's wrong with winey women? Nothing really, especially when they get together to have a good time and raise money to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Williamson County.      Join Barbara and Beverly - The Saucy Sisters as they celebrate the r...
(not so) Speachless Sundae ~ 10.23.11...     To me, fall is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, the last of the warm weather will be gone and soon I will be looking at a gray, barren landscape for several months.      But for now, I chose to sit in a nice quite spot and contemplate on the events of...
Which Is the Best Video Camera...     I often get asked questions about video cameras. Which is the best to purchase? What features are the best? What should one look for? I have addressed many of these in this short video I shot yesterday. If you have any further questions, email me at radnorlak...
Friday's Fotos...     I like doing macro photography because Nature is and can be very interesting. Rambling through the woods the other day, I stumbled upon this mushroom growing off the beaten path. Natch, I had to whip out the camera and shoot a few frames.        This one almost looks like a ...

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