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Why Use Video...     I am constantly on the search for supporting data to get the real estate industry to embrace and start using video in marketing. Sadly, a very low percentage of the agents and ancillary businesses use video for promotional or sales purposes. Below is a video touting my latest...
10/20/2011     Many of you have seen this video of the winner of the 2011 Parade of Homes tour held recently here in Brentwood, TN. The earlier posts were beta versions that have been removed from my YouTube channel. This should be the final version. As usual, weigh in. What turne...
Developing the Script...     The development of the the script is as if not more important than branding. The script is the blueprint from which your video is built. One would never go about building a house without a blue print. Why build a video without a script? .       Next in the series -- T...
Monday Morning Motivator ~ 10.17.11     Being in a good frame of mind helps keep one in the picture of health. ~~Unknown      Going through my day, there is always so much I can focus on. I interact with many differing types of personalities and have all sorts of experiences.      While here are ...
317 Jayme Mika Ct...     Just finished doing this listing video for a local real estate agent here in the Davidson County area for his listing at 317 Jayme Mika Ct in Joelton, TN. This video is a little bit different than my norm. From what I have gleaned from others in the video business, videos...
Legend Homes Video...     Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to work with Doug Herman, President of Legend Homes based out of Brentwood, TN. Doug's entry into the 2011 Parade of Homes walked away with several awards the top honor being "Best of Show".     As usual, I am looking for your input. Wh...
(not so) ~ Wordless Wednesday...         I stand and watch in awe as the soft, succulent shades of Summer blend in to the crisp hues of Autumn.      All too soon, the pleasant pastels of the fall will fade into oblivion as the first frost puts and end to my summer garden.      Until then, I will ...
Video ReDux...     Currently, there are no "standards" when it comes to video for real estate. By this, I mean that currently, there is no defined "formula for success" that says do this, that or the other.      I do appreciate the feed back from the earlier video as it did allow some constructiv...
New Movie ~ ActiveRain Critics Weigh In...     Those of you who subscribe to my blog know that I am constantly striving raise the bar when it comes to real estate related videos. The level is not only for myself, as I do have a passion for real estate, but also for the industry as a whole.      F...
(not so) Speachless Sundae...     This has been a crazy week. Not that it has gone to the dogs, mind you, but rather, I feel like I have been dogging a lot of videos over the past few days which has left me dog tired. Overall, though, it has been a doggone good week.     So before this post goes ...

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