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(not so) Speachless Sundae...     While watching another preseason snoozer last night, I started thumbing through some of the photos I had taken earlier in the year shortly after I had gotten my new camera body. Originally, I did not like this photo as I wanted the take to have the stupid bird tu...
Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary...     The same things that separates the ordinary, run-of-the-mill real estate agents from the extraordinary, "super" agent is the same mix that separates photographers from picture takers. To me, it is all about doing what no one else does or is willing to do....
Friday's Fotos ~ You Never Know When Disaster Will Strike...       Imagine that you are asleep in bed, you are abruptly awakened by the piercing sound of chiming the smoke alarms. The smell of smoke fills your nostrils as your tired body bolts upright in bed. Instinctively you reach for the bedsi...
ActiveRain ~ You Either Swear at it or By it...        And so goes the continuing saga of the ups and downs of ActiveRain. There are a lot of good features about this real estate platform. Google juice, interaction, virtual friends, lead generator and the list goes on. And, when connections work ...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...        It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Then too, there is something about absence or the lack of something that adds intrigue. Yesterday, when I got in from work, the moon flowers were just starting to open and I could not resist their sof...
Remembering...          Long before ribbons of asphalt crisscrossed the country sides and subdivisions replaced the once fertile fields, I remember when things were much different. Driving the rural, back-roads, of this sprawling area, I recall when "Cotton was King" and you could get fresh veget...
(not so) Speachless Sundae...     There are those days when my spirit needs solitude and connection with the Creator. I often go to a quite place, sometimes in my mind or to a place off the beaten path. There is something about clearing the mind and of all its troubles, fears and clutter and refl...
Shutterbug Saturday...     It is interesting what one can do with a teaspoon of imagination and two cups of Photoshop magic. While at the local botanical gardens the other day I snapped a photo of this white Lotus!      Using some cropping techniques I got the image I wanted, and pasted it into a...
Creating Your Listing Trailer...     The main downside I see with amateur videos is that they are often way too long. While you may think that all the information you are putting in the video is important, your audience may think - BOR-RING!!! Don't bore your clients and prospective buyers with t...
Friday's Fotos...     It is difficult to keep up with Rob Thomas when it comes to capturing images of old barns and fleeting scenes of the past. "Have Camera Will Travel" does an excellent job of capturing these scenes around the Appalachians.       There is something about the rolling hills and ...

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