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Just check the IRS website to confirm.......IS THAT ORIGINATION POINT ON YOUR HUD-1 DEDUCTIBLE?  READ THE IRS WEB SITE AND THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY YES, YES, YES. YOU'D BE SURPRISED HOW EASY THE IRS WEB PAGE IS TO READ.     Agents and loan officers sometimes advise buyers and sellers about the dedu...
This holds true for any part of the country.  There is no "perfect" home.  Let's find that home that has 80-90% of what you want and then we can make it work for you! You may have already seen the home that works the best for you in the beginning and didn't even know it.    It used to be that int...
This article is so good I had to reblog it.  I'm not in the Miami area, I'm in Southern California BUT everyone of these points are the same no matter where you are!Like most agents in the Miami real estate market, I have quite a number of buyers I am working with.  Several months ago I started m...
Courtesy of Greg NinoThis will be the first of many public blogs to come. The story will be 1,000 ways to pick the right Realtor. This is pretty simple. Number 1,000 comes with an added bonus, but you'll have to stick around to find out what it is. Here we go.   1. If a Realtor starts out by show...
courtesy and reblogged from john MulkeyWhile the pundits and politicians discuss the housing crisis and the various ways to effect a recovery, the question to consider is: Has housing reached a turning point or a point of no return? It appears that housing is unlikely to return to its most recent...

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I am a Real Estate Agent and a Buyer, Seller, Investor and Landlord - I will be writing about all factions of this industry. I also let my thoughts ramble about a lot of different things and so will probably write about those too.