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Would you operate on yourself? Certainly not. Doing so without training (unless you're in a life raft in the middle of the ocean) is what you might call a Bad Idea. Would you operate on someone else? If you're not trained, you'll likely injure them. And if you're not licensed, you'll probably be ...
Early this morning, President Bush signed the huge housing bill intended to bring a little relief to struggling homeowners and stabilize the housing markets. This is the one passed last week by the House and by the Senate on Saturday. At one time the President had threatened to veto the bill, but...
A couple of comments were made on yesterday's blog ("Get 100% Financing legally") regarding the future of the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs like Nehemiah and Ameridream: I asked the mortgage pro (Sharon Thompson, Sentinel Mortgage, 941-365-5626) who did the training to respond to those c...
Should a homebuyer pay "points" to lower their interest rate on the loan? Good question. A refresher: Let's say you qualify for a loan rate of 6.5% on your new loan of $200,000.  The lender says that you can "buy down" your rate by paying them some additional money at closing. This additional mon...
I imagine everyone has heard about the wonders of the "new" FHA loan program ... but maybe not! It's important enough to repeat, especially for homebuyers who have heard all the horror stories about how hard it is to get a loan these days -- and assume they couldn't get a loan. We just attended a...
Not everyone shares our tastes (and that may be a good thing!) but we like the places that look like a postcard from the 1950s. A little rough is okay with us, as long as there's character and history. This place surely qualifies and you haven't seen Florida until you've had a meal there. It's th...
We are boat nuts, but in July in Florida, afternoon is not the time to be out unless you really like being very hot. So we did our Sunday open house and then took the boat out at around 6 pm. This is a great trick, since on Sunday night most people are headed home when we're headed out, and we ha...
Money magazine's list of the top 100 places to live is out and you can see it right here: Top 100 places to live I don't want to offend anyone so I won't mention any names, but I'm very familiar with a few places on that  list and it has me wondering what the criteria were for the selection. The ...
Courtesy of our District 67 representative Ron Reagan: If you are in Florida, need a lawyer for a civil matter (as opposed to criminal), and cannot afford to hire one, there is still a way to get access to the legal system. Go to Under the tab called General Public, clic...
According to an Associated Press story today, many sellers today want to see their home marketed in creative ways, thinking that that will make the difference and get the house sold. The creativity sometimes borders on insanity, as in the case of a seller in Florida who is reputed to have offered...

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