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When folks visit Bodega Bay, CA they are usually trying to find all of the film locations from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". They can be found, they just don't look much the same anymore. The Tides Restaurant and Wharf was completely rebuilt in 1990 and has no semblance whatsoever of the film v...
I have been watching with curiosity, a little house that is being raised in a small town called Penngrove. This house, along with many outbuildings on 4 acres, was purchased almost 10 months ago for $550,000. I don't know if I will be watching a new foundation being constructed or if the house wi...
Today is Veterans day. There will be a lot of parades, flags, memories and tears. Sadly, many of our Vets are homebound and won't have the ability to go to a parade, attend a ceremony or visit a cemetary. There is a Veterans Home near me in Yountville, CA. To get there, one would have to endure a...
OK, someone please tell me why it took some 50 odd years to learn that each full moon has a unique name? I found this out when I looked up Harvest Moon which I knew was in October, but I didn't realize that every full moon has a special meaning. And here I thought the only named moons were the Ha...
I had a home warranty experience this week that has me a bit miffed. I'm having a problem with my automatic garage door. What exactly, when it comes to my garage door opener, is covered? I called my home warranty company and asked if the side rails and rollers were covered in my plan. We had a bi...
Yep, I'm gonna wash that buyer right out of my hair. They said they were motivated. They said they loved the house. They were the first to submit an offer on the listing. The seller didn't care for the offer price. That's what counter offers are for. We had one counter offer ... then two ... then...
Do you talk to your neighbors in your pajamas? Well, my answer is "normally, no". But when I went outside to retrieve the newspaper from my driveway at 6:05AM, I noticed that Sonoma County was going to have a fabulous sunrise. So I went back in the house, grabbed my camera and headed three houses...
Sonoma County's Western border is on the Pacific Coast so naturally we get fog once in awhile. It's extremely welcome when we are sweltering in three digit temperatures. Then again it can be confounding when you want it to lift or "burn off" in time for _______________ (fill in the blank). The fo...
I'm not a superstitious person. When I was assigned a listing with the Unit number 13, I didn't think much of it. I even happen to like the number 13, I was born on that day. Well, pretty much everything that can go wrong with this listing has gone wrong. It started with me. I data entered the wr...

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