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  I'm one of those folks who don't care for change, but change is what's coming to Sonoma County in the form of the largest casino in California. Oh my. Many are fearful of what follows in a casino's footsteps ... pawn shops are at the top of my mental list. The bright side is that the Graton Res...
When I was a kid, playing Army meant playing with green plastic GI's. Back then, we had to use our imagination as to what "war" looked and felt like. We would line up our green men, advance them towards the opposing line and attempt to make realistic gun and grenade sounds. I think the only time ...
  I received a phone call from my credit card company this morning. Someone used my card in an ATM machine and withdrew $500 bucks ... in Orlando, Florida. I was asked if that person could possibly have been me. Uh, no. I've never even been to Florida. And how could someone have my credit card w...
For Halloween, I had plans to go to a party where I would know almost all of the attendees. It's a fun bunch of folks who like to drink and laugh. Alas, the near-hostess decided not to have the party, so I'm sharing my costume idea to you. I was going to go as Siri. I am a recent new owner of an ...
What is the best day of the month for a buyer to close escrow? Does it even matter what day of the month an escrow closes? It does if the buyer requires a loan to buy their new home. You see, buying a house requires the buyer to bring money to the table when they sign their loan docs. This money,...
Home Sweet Home, Northern California! The Active Rain blogging community has been challenged to showcase the state or province they live in ... a challenge that I am certainly up for because I absolutely love where I live. For starters, California is a HUGE state, and NorCal is so different than ...
Quicken ... the GREAT PRETENDER of home purchase loans I have had experience with buyers that use, or should I say TRY to use, Quicken Loans to purchase a home. If you would like to avoid a ton of misery, run away ... run away NOW. That goes for the buyer, the seller AND the agents involved. Quic...
Just think how different our behavior might be if Disney movies were less about Princesses finding Prince Charming, and more about Prince Charming securing shelter to protect and raise his family. I know, I know ... boring as heck and box office doom. More than once this year I have worked with b...

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