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Sonoma County Homes Sales - October 2014 It amazes me to see how Sonoma County shifts as far as the least or most expensive areas to live in. Twenty five years ago, the least expensive area was the Russian River, affectionately referred to as West County.That isn't the case any longer, as more an...
Is your favorite REALTOR in your Will or Trust? No? Then how about your favorite letter carrier or check-out clerk at the local grocery store? Okay, I'm just kidding about the letter carrier and check-out clerk, but I'm not kidding about your favorite REALTOR®. As a REALTOR® myself, I've heard t...
New on Market ... Single Level Condo in Cotati     Do you like to cook? How about having a shiny new kitchen to whip up your favorite meals in? This single level, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo in Cotati is new to the market and awaiting your visit. Here is a list of why this condo on Lincoln Avenue...
Coming Soon! Lincoln Avenue Condo in Cotati! I am always thrilled to list a Lincoln Avenue Condo, they are my favorite condos for several reasons: They are all single level They are within a block from the only grocery store and post office in town They are 6 blocks from the new Cotati Train stat...
Sonoma County Home Sales - September 2014   I know what you're thinking. Why did it take me until November 7th to post sales results in Sonoma County that took place in September? Well ... I took some time off, that's why!  And speaking of lateness, had I published these figures even two days ago...
  Normally, I don't ever eat while I'm "out in the field". But when you are "out in the field" in Sonoma County, there are temptations this time of year that you just can't pass up. I was present during a well test, checking the mineral analysis of the water and the GPM. Right next to the well w...
Sonoma County Home Sales - August 2014Well, things settled down some during the month of August. There were fewer home sales, and the median county-wide price dropped back under $500K to the relief of some buyers. For awhile there it looked like we were headed into 2004 territory where home price...
Trending ... Independent Brokers I just met with potential buyers who found me on Google. When I asked how they came across my brokerage, they said they searched for an independent broker in Sonoma County. They found four in their initial search, and after poking around a bit, they decided to cal...
What's My Sebastopol Home Worth? August 2014 32 - Number of Homes Sold55 - Average Days on Market$627,500 - Median Sales Price$681,652 - Average Sales Price1816 - Average Size in Square Feet$389 - Average Price Per SFLittle red riding hood, tin foil hats, metal sculptures, hippies, weekend street...

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