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I found this interesting.Many real estate agents in Washington State use unlicensed third-party negotiators to handle their short sales.  I have always discouraged that practice (see my March, 2009 blog post, Is Your Real Estate Agent Breaking The Law?). The Washington State Department of Licensi...
I just got offered a new job as a loan originator.  I am a bit "in the dark" as to what this particularly entails because the position does not require a license.  The gentleman I spoke to gave me a quick run down but I  still feel "in the dark" about what exactly this is.  They do FHA and Conven...
Trademarks  "do's and dont's"Guidelines and Information Regarding Use and Misuse of REALTOR® How are you using the registered membership mark REALTOR®?  A few folks have contacted me recently asking how they can change their ActiveRain Profile user name, their Blog name, and their Outside Blog do...
Great Post..... Check it out.               Purpose is defined as a reason for which something exists. The purpose of  a Real Estate Agent is  to offer specialized knowledge in research, marketing and negotiations to help sellers meet their goals. To assist sellers in the sale of their property, ...
    New - Try chat. It's the fastest way to get an answer!Live Chat Our most popular customer contact method and the quickest way to get your answer. We have agents waiting now to answer your question. Our average resolution time is...Date Updated: 02/03/2010 Ways to upload photosUploading photo...
As many of you already know I recently completed my courses for my state exam.  However, after my Real Estate Practice class I am torn between two worlds.  Some Real Estate Professionals consider the "old school"  methods of a sign a lockbox and a contract is the only way to go.  However...  Afte...
Sharing overview Invite friends and family to see your online photos. There are three ways to share photos and albums. Share your photos with an email invitation that we send on your behalf Share your photos with a web address link that you can copy and paste to social networks, blogs, instant m...
Redwood Village off Middle Rincon Ave is a great, affordable, condominium complex in the heart of Rincon Valley.  The complex hosts 70 units, a pool, club house, and laundry room. As the name suggest, Redwood Ct is surrounded by tall beautiful redwood trees.  Redwood Ct is in walking distance to ...
I debated on whether or not to blog about this particular instance just because it is a bit personal and I am quite sure that the principle involved would be quite embarrassed if their identity were given so we will keep this as anonymous as possible.  A friend of mine has parents who moved here ...
I know this is a little bit late but I wanted a chance to comment a bit more on the rainCamp I attended in december.  Anyone who gets a chance to go to a raincamp needs to jump on it.  The marketing tools and strategies that i was taught was more than i learned in my entire real estate practice c...

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