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As an author, speaker, trainer and developer Doug will provide a unique and insightful perspective on the real estate market. His tips and advice to consumers, loan agents and realtors has been published in, Yahoo finance, the Chicago Tribune and featured on CBS news. You may copy and post on your blog, as long as credit is received by me.
IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO sell your home in a matter of days rather than months, you might want to take some tips from 32-year-old Mona Ross Berman. To get her Washington, D.C., townhouse ready for sale, the interior designer went through every room, sweating the details. She rearranged furniture, add...
A common challenge to investing in real estate is not having enough cash to act quickly to take advantage of the deals you find. I would like to introduce you to a funding source from which you could easily and quickly draw upon funds to finance your investments. The Private Bank Concept is simpl...
Switzerland and the United States have agreed on a new Tax Information Exchange (TIA) Agreement, a further erosion of offshore banking secrecy. The new agreement will allow the U.S. greater access to banking records regarding Americans with Swiss accounts. Americans who have relied on offshore se...
This assessment is designed to assist the investor in analyzing not only their current situation, but help in determining what path they can take towards moving yourself towards financial freedom.  The questions, scoring, and analysis are subjective in nature.  Circle ONE number for each line.  R...
It doesn't matter if you are a broker, agent, loan officer or an investor, what you DON'T know exceeds that which you DO know when it comes to investing outside of the United States. For most people, this "unknown" is enough of a hindrance to prevent us from enjoying the tremendous upside of inve...
Vulture funds, as the name suggests, swoop in and buy bankrupt companies and then sell them with a profit in mind. Now a similar investment fund here recently formed to target distressed or foreclosed properties - whose numbers continue to rise each month. Northbrook-based Hilco Residential Partn...
It has been said that who we are is largely determined by the people we associate with and the books we read.  Activerain has proven to be a valuable and popular portal for our community. In addition to our connections locally, our online community is pretty robust. What about the books you read?...
In my 22 years as a real estate investor, I have seen residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and hospitality products rise, fall, slide sideways and return healthy returns for the investors. The United States and the real estate market that supports our economy is the foundation for the ...
By Doug Before talking to Realtors, its best to know what YOU want. Make sure you have established a CLEAR goal of the type of property you are looking for, the geographic area you are targeting (based on your customer needs) and the price range. You are positioning yoursel...
By Doug Crowe Money, credit, and seems that there are seasons in our lives where there is often more debt than income.  This can create stress, anger, indecision, and sometimes poor decisions.  If you find yourself in a situation where there is more debt than income,...

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