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Scott, Thanks for the invite. Hopefully we will have a great time. If not we will just enjoy everyones company. Maybe you or other might even want to exchange links. I keep hearing that this is a great way to increase our Internet exposure. Don Rider EZ Rider Home Inspections Bossier Home Inspect...
 This festival occurs this May 25th - 28th, in downtown Shreveport. Most all of the locals compete to eat the most "mudbugs," which to most yankies normal people is really a crawdad. Their little nasty bodies litter the streets while roudy Cajun hicks hoot and holler and participate in such event...
Last week I did a blog on each one of these. So today for those that don't like to look for things I am putting them on one page.10 Ways to raise your site on Google Part 1 10 Ways to raise your site on Google Part 2 10 Ways to raise your site on Google Part 3 10 Ways to raise your site on Google...
Well to all my AR friends. I finally made it to the 10,000 point mark. I always hear the first 10k is the hardest. I have learned that the points just come naturally if you just want to share with people what you know.Thanks to all who have read my posts.Don RiderEZ Rider Home InspectionsBossier ...
One of the things you can do so that people will have a harder time copying your information, put the following css code in right after your . Just copy and paste it.
In the last few weeks I have been discussing items that you should perform on your website to increase your search engine rankings. This week I'm going to list a few things you shouldn't do!1. Don't copy content!! I've seen many of you who are using a few hosts that load your site with tons of co...
I am pleased to announce my new certification. Green Certified Home Inspections  This certification was created through the joint efforts of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc.(InterNACHI), the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, Inc. (IAC2)...
As promised, last week  I covered how to add RSS to your site in a very easy way that makes your site a little more interesting, but doesn't give a huge boost to your SEO. This week's method is a little more difficult but will help out your rankings A LOT more as the actual text will be on your p...
And now the last part. This is part ten of a ten aprt series on how to increase your website rankings on Google. That being said, there are tons of things webmasters can do to help their sites perform better in search, so this list is not by a long shot finished. It is, though, what I think are t...


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I perform comprehensive inspections involving a property's major visible, structural and mechanical systems for real estate owners and prospective buyers. The items examined in a typical inspection include the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, foundation, roof, exterior and interior structures and surfaces, and built-in appliances. The visual inspection culminates in a set of comprehensive, computer generated reports describing the condition of the items and systems inspected