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Prepping Your Home for a Vacation Vacations are a time to relax and escape from regular life. When you're miles from home, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your home. If you plan on taking a vacation this summer (or any time this year), here are some simple tips on prepping...
When I'm out socializing my friends ask if I have any funny real estate stories to share.  I have so many over the last 28 years.  I am careful to be very respectful of privacy when I do share them.  It is sometimes an awkward moment when it is dry outside, and my Valued Clients enter a home with...
It is a good thing to know in advance when I'm taking Buyers in to tour a Tenant occupied home.  I can prepare the Buyers what to expect if they encounter the Tenants, or ask them questions about the home.  It can be a negative experience for the Buyers when the Tenants like living there, are afr...
When working with Buyers, and they have decided on the home they desire to have me prepare and submit an offer on, I first ask them if they want to tour the house again.  I do this so I can make the tour more technical pointing out things a Licensed Inspector may show them as a maintenance and/or...
I am officially an Empty-Nestor.  People ask me all the time how much do I miss my Daughter a Registered-Nurse and an NFL-Spouse.  I tell them technology affords a convenient level of communication like she has not left.  Plus, we plan visits as often as possible.  The Newly-weds just surprised u...
The rewarding story below written by my smart colleague reminds me of my first home in Matteson, Illinois, purchased back in 1986.  Although I had my real estate License, I was not yet actively serving Clients, and relied on the expertise of my very proficient Realtor Elaine.  She happen to hear ...
The story below cleverly written by a Valued Colleague reminds me of one of my favorite transactions of all times, one in which I listed this really cool home, and also procured the Buyer for it.  The sharply decorated home nestled on a corner lot was located in Dixmoor, Illinois.  The Owner crea...
My Valued Colleague shares below one excellent reason for simply taking a short moment out of time to inquire if you qualify to purchase a home.  In the Chicago, Illinois South-land marketplace there is grant money available to help you with your down-payment.  So many cool programs available, yo...
Common Pests and Your Home   The list of new responsibilities can seem overwhelming when you buy a home or become a first-time homeowner. One responsibility that tends to get overlooked until it becomes a larger issue is that of household pests. A household pest is "a destructive insect or other ...
When I am working with Buyers in the Chicago and its South-land marketplace in Illinois, who desire to make offers on foreclosed Condominiums, I have to have the important conversation with them defining what "AS-IS" really means? Condominium Associations find themselves powerless to collect asse...

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