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A well built home can go for years with little upkeep from the owner, but that isn't to suggest that the house doesn't need attention along the way. A contractor experienced in complete home renovations knows that failure to take basic steps to protect your home investment will lead to problems d...
One of the latest trends in remodeling today is in increasing the energy efficiency of homes in established neighborhoods.  This is being done for two reasons.  One, the cost of these improvements can be recouped over time through reduced utility bills and two, more and more they are being percei...
Floor It!Hardwood and travertine marble are two of the more popular flooring materials being used in remodeling today, but they are probably not the best choices for the kitchen area.  Any kind of significant leak from the sink or dishwasher can cause extensive damage to hardwood floors and make ...
Two homes can look very much the same from the outside, be in the same neighborhood, and have similar amounts of air-conditioned square footage, and yet one will bring a better selling price than the other based on its amenities. This is true even though an appraisal might have the two houses val...
The 2011 Remodeled Home Tour is coming to North Dallas Saturday and Sunday October 22nd & 23rd. This year’s tour features nine remodeled homes from six award-winning Dallas remodeling contractors serving the greater Dallas area.The Remodeled Home Tour is put on annually by the National Associatio...

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