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Swapping Homes is not that easy! As we all know trying to sell your home in this market is a horrible experience, and some people are considering swapping homes as an option, but is it really a good option.  Lets say your home is in great condition, and you decide you want to take advantage of th...
Re-licensed- WHY????? After listening on the webinar yesterday, which is a great tool to reach many people at one time, the FAMB announced a re-licensure for Florida Mortgage Brokers. If you are already licensed, why cant we just be grandfathered in, or at least not subjected to the cost involved...
Playing Cat and Mouse   How frustrating is it when you are trying to help someone reach their dream of owning a home and you are playing cat and mouse with them over filling out a simple application.  Email seems to be the way of communicating these days, and I dont have any problem with that, on...
Lilah Amalbert Joins Clifton Financial Services in Maitland, FL   Hi my name is Lilah Amalbert, and I reside in Oviedo, Florida. I just joined Clifton Financial Services and the Florida Relocation Team in Maitland, Fl as a Mortgage Broker. I have been in the mortgage business about two years was ...

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