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Knowledge is learning from your own mistakes. Wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. I am knowledgable about real estate investing, so I invite you to be wise.
This blog starts to really dig into the real estate investing process. The first step is to create a Property Masterlist, moving from very broad categories to a specific house. Create lists that get progressively narrower. The first level in the Masterlist is the County/City. An ideal situation i...
Here are some questions that I have heard in the past. Do the people in my Mastermind Group (MMG) need to know they're in my Mastermind Group?No.  I have dozens of people in my MMG, but most of them don't know it.  MMG's can be very informal, and they don't necessarily meet together.  Mine never ...
In "How to Safely Invest in Real Estate. Part 2", I mentioned starting a Mastermind Group (MMG). Here are some quick points about that:Who?RealtorAttorneyCPABuilderFinancial PlannerProperty ManagerBankerIt is vital that you have experts in their respective fields that can give you sound advice. W...
Form a Mastermind Group.  Napoleon Hill saw the wisdom in linking arms with others when he wrote Think and Grow Rich.  Find people who understand real estate investing from different perspectives, such as an attorney, accountant, Realtor, builder and a banker, who would be willing to give you adv...
This home is not yet on the market. Below is a list of all the repairs/changes the builder made to this 3/1 in Aberdeen, NC:Tile in kitchen and bathroom, New laundry room, Hardwoods throughout, all resurfaced, New countertops, New bathroom, New lighting fixtures, New plumbing fixtures, Replaced t...
Hello everybody.This is my first experience as a blogger. I welcome any comments about content or style.I have been a licensed NC Realtor for about 10 years, and for all those years I have actively pursued real estate as an investment vehicle. In those 10 years, I have acquired quite an expensive...

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