In the past 60 days, I have seen people who were referred to me, and former clients use a different Realtor at a total costof over well over $40,000 in commissions.After being in the business 39 years, this has been a bigger hurt than I have ever experienced in the real estate business.One of the...
this is the message
Your Relationship with Change Dictates the quality of your lifeThose are a few of the words I say in my Toastmaster International Speech, this year as I compete for the fifth time.The title of the speech is: CHANGEIt may be just as well if I do not comment any farther about this speech which has ...
Another area I moved into about 10 years ago has generated a nice income that other real estate agents don’t have EXPERIENCE to consider.Understand, I know how to work the system.And I am brutally honest about it.You put something in the MLS offering a lower fee, more than likely, I won’t be show...
When you consider I have almost 40 years as an active real estate agent and almost 1,000 closed transactions.I have an enormous amount of respect for the people I represent.I am a very particular and specific type of person.And I do not show a buyer everything that is in the MLS in their price ra...
COMMIITMENT   This is the most important because if you are not dedicated to a cause or activity, you won’t ever be able to create a strong belief or passion of seeing it come to fruition.These three works together. You will also need the belief and passion in order to have the determination to m...
Before we talk about the three ways, it will be more successful if you have a Realtor who has a strong passion about this business.And isn’t just tinkering around with it.Now do I know? 39 years of experience. Almost 1,000 successful closed transactions.I have met thousands of Realtors, who just ...
Over recent weeks, there is a mindset that has come to me, which is enhancing my thinking.As I mentioned in past weeks, my international speech this year in Toastmasters is titled: CHANGE.(Oh, by the way, have you visited a Toastmaster meeting yet? Are you still waiting? Why?)Cost NO money to vis...
 CHANGECurrently I have an international speech titled: CHANGE in Toastmasters I am working on.It has caused me to really think about the different changes that have come about the past six weeks.My speech begins with me pulling change out of my pocket, jiggling it, and saying: CHANGE, reminds me...
It doesn't take a minute for me to answer that question.See if your answer is the same as mine?When I really think about it, my biggest problem, is me.Yes! Think about it. Who talks with you more than anyone else? YouYou are talking with yourself, when eating, when going to bed, when waking up.Yo...

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