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Well, seems Haverhill is drawing more attention to itself. The more they shout from the mountain tops about their greatness the more writers look in to the owners of the company. Despite repeated attempts to get information about the success of the business as well as the success of the 'graduate...
I've been getting very excited about blue paint color for walls. Did you know blue is the number one paint colour in homes in North America? When using blue paint be careful not to select drab or dated looking colours. Blues of today are warm (hint of red undertone) and fresh. Here are a few phot...
With the economy as it is today many of us are not spending on the more frivolous purchases such as decor items. The desire to reuse as much as possible and wanting to make our homes uniquely reflect our personalities rather than looking like everything was purchased at one store has inspired man...
I'm always looking for what is coming down the pipes which will be new and exciting in the interior design/decorating field. What will be the next big trend colour, what colours are going to be the staple for years to come, who's the hot new designers to watch...questions I'm always asking. I had...
I will begin posting some how to's over the next little while! From simple DIY issues to get your house show ready and increase it's value substantially: - like leveling your cupboard doors in the kitchen to - putting a permanent end to the squeaky doors As well, I will show you the tricks I've l...
In case you missed Part I    Moving on: Location. Location location location. Yes it is important to the buyer but also relevant to price. They are tied to one another. 2 identical houses, one on a quiet court the other on a busy street, are not going to be valued the same.  Bottom line with loca...
If you are reading this post chances are you are sitting in your home researching, pulling your hair out looking for some intangibles that will help jump start the stale listing you are sitting in. There are a number of reasons a property does not sell. For the most part you are able to control w...
I've experienced the Holy Grail of sleep. Imagine waking in the morning with a smile...after the best night of sleep you've ever had. There is no other bed to compare to a Hästens; it is the Bentley of beds. The founders of Hästens set out to make the best bed available at any cost and my word, t...
Saturday in the city! Up and out bright and early this morning, Steve: and I were on the road by 11:30! Ok, not so bright and early but we were bright eyed and bushy tailed! ;) I'd dragged Steve out of bed 2 weeks ago thinking it was...today...May 2nd...bright and early. I was excited to the hit ...
There are many rules in design and it's off shoots (decorating, staging, re-design). But the best designs (those stop you from flipping the page or stop you in your tracks) are always when someone has challenged the rules. If may not be obvious to you that some design rule has been tossed out. No...

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