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We have a number of people who call who would like to refinance, however, their home is currently listed. This is a major problem in the industry. It is standard to not allow a refinance of a property that is currently listed or that has been listed in the past six months. Exceptions used to occu...
I walked into my youngest daughter's room last night, and it smelled like something was burning! I was a bit alarmed but trying not to panic. I didn't see anything burning, and her room was quite messy, so I was moving things around, looking under toys, looking under the bed, etc. I walked around...
I am  excited to share that today Sunday, April 5th, St. Mark's will be hosting the GVSU Arts Chorale singing Requiem with the GVSU Concert Orchestra. It will be a beautiful way to begin Holy Week. Featured vocalists will be GVSU faculty members Kathryn Stieler and Dale Schriemer. The concert beg...
Yes, there are two truly zero down programs left- Rural Development (RD) and Veterans Administration (VA), but let's face it- if you don't buy in a rural area and you're not a Veteran, you won't qualify. With FHA, you can get into a home for 3.5% down, and with some HUD homes you can buy for only...
  Mark's children have worked on a pair of 6-by-9-foot murals since last fall that will be on display in front of the church, 134 N. Division Ave., for the next two months. They will be blessed on Palm Sunday. The murals are tied to the Heifer Project International, an organization that donates ...
One service I offer clients is to help them appeal their taxes post close. I make no guarantees, but I helped so many families this year that next year I think I may contact past customers and offer a seminar! Why is appealing your taxes worth it?! The process takes seriously less than about 30 m...

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