1. De-Clutter. How is a buyer expected to focus on all the things that are great about your house when they are either A. tripping over your furniture or B. distracted by by all your family photos. If you have a lot of furniture, put some of it in storage. Taking heavy pieces out will not only ...
With interest rates hovering in the 4's*, buying power has never been better. If a buyer locks in a rate for 4.5% today on a sales price of $200,000 and putting 5% down, their principal and interest payment would be approximately $962.70 (not including taxes and insurance). If interest rates go u...
When buying your first home, or any home, the process can be a little overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be a little confusing. A buyers consultation is a great way to begin the exciting journey, and let me explain why. During the meeting, topics ranging from financing to inspections t...

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