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John Novak is working on putting together some times during the KW Family Reunion to meet with fellow KW bloggers/agents from AR. It would be nice to chat with others in person. If you are interested, please let him (or I) know.  
The crew over at Sellsius had an excellent post entitled "The Lights Of Blogway: Deconstructing the Group Blog" regarding the seldom discussed topic of group blogs and their internal dynamics. (For a definition of a "group blog", please check out the Sellsius blog.) They discussed the pros and co...
Our team has been using an email system to get feedback on our listings for years now and it has worked fairly well. But an associate of mine came up with the idea of using a blog to capture feedback. The idea was to create a more interactive platform for feedback and networking among agents in t...
With the market having shifted from a seller's market to a buyer's market, I have been running across listings that offer selling agent/broker bonuses in greater and greater numbers. The bonuses range from an additional $1500 to an additional 3 percent. Upon seeing this bonus advertised on a list...
There's been a lot of discussion about Agency and Procuring Cause lately and here's some more fuel for the fire:Supreme Court Justice Rolando T. Acosta has ruled that Seinfeld must pay a real-estate broker a commission of at least $98,750 for the $3.95 million townhouse he and his wife purchased ...
I'm sure that we've all run across buyers that were just calling the listing agents of the properties they were interested in directly and not using a buyer's agent in order to get a "better deal" on the property. The ones I've run across thought that they could get 3% off of the price of the hom...
Since you're on AR and probably have your own blog elsewhere in the blogosphere, you're already thinking "outside of the box" and into the future. And since no one person is smarter than the collective wisdom of everyone here on AR, let's all benefit by sharing our ideas with one another and give...

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