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Sparklers. There are screaming children running up and down the street with them sputtering in their hands. The smoky scent of Pilot Butte after the fireworks set the very top aflame (as always). Leather seats in the car have become the most painful torture imaginable. The smell of the sun-heated...
Tourists. It brings to mind people in bright shirts and flip-flops with sunglasses and a flash camera. Not only do tourists not look like this, but we've been noticing that less of them have been appearing. Bend has felt this lack of tourists over the past couple of years as though it's a drought...
Cycling. The wind rushes by as you continue riding. With the street clear you don't have to worry about cars getting in your way: you have the road to yourself. Bike riding is as fun as it is challenging. Even if you don't ride a bike yourself, it is still fun to keep up with the events and watch...
Foreclosure. The word makes most people's mouth go dry. After dealing with many different foreclosures and mortgages from Countrywide, the Bank of America is starting to regret it. As the status of the bank seemed to drop, some decisions were made. It was time to change dramatically. The Bank of ...
Conciliation. Republicans and Democrats in the Oregon Legislature are considering new terms for Bend: different margins for the legislative districts in Oregon. In a recent news conference lawmakers agreed to take a closer look at these latest borders; they projected it as a plan to create an agr...

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