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R & D Art is a web development and marketing/advertising print company for the way the world communicates today. On the web development side we offer web design, hosting, and support services including social media outlets. We specialize in the WordPess platform using it to build a Blog site, an eCommerce site, a static website, or any combination of the three to meet your needs. Each of our builds comes with a custom theme built from the ground up with your input. On the marketing/advertising print side of our business, we manufacture products unique to you and your company. We are knowledgeable professionals with the capability of designing and developing dynamic tools to keep you connected in the fast paced and constantly changing world. When you need a fresh look and responsive team, R & D Art will fulfill that need.
Have you ever wondered if you were paying too much for home owners insurance? How would you know if you were? When is the last time that you had a check up on your Home Owner's Policy? Well, this is the article that your insurance people do not want you to see. When I write a loan for my customer...
  History has a place in all of our lives. Whether we choose to bury it or embrace it is the choice that we have to make. Rich brings an important post to the blogosphere today and I am more than happy to reblog it. I really need not say more than that. His post is very adequate. As always, I hav...
Most of you know that I love to travel. It is something that I consider very therapeutic and relaxing. Whether it is going on cruise holidays or visiting a country like China, it is all about letting go and having a good time. It is hard to do that when you are tied to your laptop, PDA, or Blackb...
OK, lately I have managed to stay out of the way of these pesky little bugs, but not today. My good fiend friend in Aiken, South Carolina hit me with another one. So, if you do not like MeMe's go away. I was given the following 'rules': 1.  Create a blog post with a link to the person who so happ...
Over the 20+ years that I have been in my working career and even prior to that, I have always had a "To Do" list. I use this as a guide to manage my day so that I know what has to be done. I want to make sure that I do not look up and it is 6 PM and I have still not gotten anything done. With th...
When I had to dress up to go to work, the last thing I would chose was my shoes. I can remember when my day use to go to work. He basically had 3 pair of shoes; a black pair, a dark brown pair, and a light brown pair. When I got of age, that just never seemed to work for me. I had to have many di...
Most of the people that know me know that I am a huge sports fan. What is funny about this is I am a huge Direct TV because I am a huge sports fan. For those of you that have Direct TV, you already know what I am talking about. For those of you that do not, then you do not know what I am talking ...
Lately, there has been an onslaught of people that have been gaming social media. What people do not realize is, in doing this, there is really no personal benefit to the process. In the end, everyone loses. So, let me shed a little more light on what I am talking about. Typically, in networks li...
Lately, I have been thinking about getting into the Rental Business. Well, more specifically, the landlord business. I have been looking at a few properties here in Knoxville and been toying around with the idea of buying distressed homes, fixing them up, furnishing them, and then renting them ou...
If you have not been keeping up with the Australian Open, then you might be surprised when you read this. Lleyton Hewitt lost his match in 5 sets to Fernando Gonzalez yesterday. Then, today, David Nalbandian was put down Yen-Hsun Lu in 5 sets as well. I have linked to both of these stories if you...

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