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Backen Media Vancouver BC HAS MOVED TO 255 NEWPORT DRIVE, #128, PORT MOODY BC  V3H 5H1 604.726.7100 Backen Media  in Vancouver BC actually moved 10 years ago when the heritage office building was torn down to make new condos in Kits.  Every year I get new phones books with my old address and phon...
When I Was At Raincamp in Seattle  I found this to be a useful resource. I enjoyed the training at raincamp again This is my 3rd raincamp, I have discovered new resources everytime. Did you know that there is a really great link for New Members? It's right there at the bottom of the AR Home Page:...
European House Painter Serving British Properties Speciality is Luxury and Estate Homes 604.726.7100 35 years Professional Luxury Residential Expertise, Interior and Exterior House Painting of Heritage Homes and Luxury Estate Homes Here is what he has to say on how to save money on painting your ...
GLOBAL UNITED SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ONLINE MARKETING DARRELL BACKEN Darrell Backen 1-604.726.7100 ONLINE MARKETING Services including SEO    Got a Question...Ask Us These are the top 50 questions asked on...
  VANCOUVER HOME MORTGAGE  REFINANCING REFINANCING  CONSIDERING REFINANCING YOUR HOME MORTGAGE? REFINANCING MAY GIVE YOU LOWER MONTHLY PAYMENTS Are your monthly payments and other debts leaving you cash poor each month? Allow Me to Work out the Details to See If You Would Benefit from by Refinanc...
TD CANADA TRUST SUTER BROOK VILLAGE is celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary 604.933.2330.  Come on by for cake and prizes on Wednesday August 25 2010. This bank has a "part of neighbourhood feel" to it. It has been my bank since it opened. The staff are very friendly and helpful. As the bank is only ...
Definition of Agreement of Purchase and Sales The legal contract a purchaser and a seller go into. We recommend that you have your offer prepared by a professional realtor that has the knowledge and experience to satisfactorily protect you with the most suitable clauses and conditions. Our mortga...
QUESTIONS ON REFINANCING YOUR MORTGAGE ?  Our mortgage specialists for your North Vancouver, BC home are experts that have great relationships with dozens of lenders that want to help you with mortgage loans. They can answer questions on REFINANCING YOUR MORTGAGE.   Darrell Backen 604.726.7100 St...
USE A MORTGAGE CALCUALTOR TO GET THE BEST HOME MORTGAGE Do You Have Questions? HOME MORTGAGE? USING A MORTGAGE CALCULATOR?   When considering options for your mortgage, a mortgage calculator is useful to consider the differences. A calculator mortgage can show you the savings with early payoff op...
DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL TO OUTSMART MOTHER GOOGLE?? An interesting post this a.m. about "Article Spinning" got my attention since the article contained the word "Google" which will always get my attention. HIDING UNDER THE BLACK HAT.  The writer's description o...

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