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Today, Jay Young, a Las Vegas local, releases a new Christian Gospel Album "One More Stone". With rich, baritone vocals Jay highlights the energy and soul of gospel music. He communicates his Christian message with strength and conviction and adds even more depth with his harmonizing background c...
The perception of buyers is that the Las Vegas housing scene is in a lull. So, if home purchases are hard to come by for some, where are they living? The rental market is thriving. Homes are rented. Apartments are rented. If the price is reasonable, just about anything will rent.Those familiar wi...
A low number of housing permits along with a large expected influx of residents moving to Las Vegas for jobs and lifestyle may cause another home shortage by 2009. Thousands of people continue to move to the valley. Thousands have postponed purchasing homes on account of the price correction and ...
Some may see the mortgage move by the Bush administration as a bailout for overzealous lenders and borrowers. However, an article by MSNBC about the rate freeze program suggests that the action is not a bailout and in fact, may be just what the country needs.If the government doesn't get involved...
Summary: The number of listings is slowing due to seasonal factors. The average days on market are climbing some affecting some of the ratios. The median prices have dropped slightly.Las Vegas Listings: (view chart)As predicted by seasonal changes listings in November dropped by a normal margin. ...
Las Vegas homes have are a great buy across the valley. In fact, the RJ reports predictions from new home builders stating that even with recent slides in prices the market will rebound. In fact, if you take home values over the past 5 years there is a 50% increase in value. Compared to other suf...
The Bush administration has come to an agreement with banking industry. In a time when the real estate market is in turmoil a compromise was reached to aid struggling homeowners who entered into dangerous loans."It would freeze introductory "teaser" rates on subprime mortgages, preventing them fr...
Las Vegas CEO and President of SkyWire Media, Shawn Harris, is selected as president of TBAN, the technology branch of the Chamber of Commerce. He has been on the board and contributed considerably to the growth and activity of the alliance.He was recently awarded for his company's winning the St...
Las Vegas has been rapidly approaching the 2 million resident mark. Reportedly, the demographics have been under-calculated for along time. Supposedly, 3 months ago the number was reached but no one knew because some 27,000 county residents had gone uncounted."The subtle processing error, which h...
BYU comes off a perfect conference record 8-0 to meet up with UCLA in the 16th annual Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl. They beat San Diego State this past weekend bringing their record to 10-2. BYU lost a couple of games early in the season. Their current overall record leaves them ranked 17.UCLA finishes...

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