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Currently, 1 million homes are in foreclosure nationwide. That is the most on record and a huge opportunity for investors. Nevada has been hit hard, specifically in Las Vegas. We already sense huge investor demand for properties that are a great deal.We are seeing bidding on homes that are priced...
In Las Vegas many homes have been foreclosed and many banks are dumping the properties. Homes are listed and within hours they have multiple offers. The activity is creating a "boom" according to MSNBC. Some buyers are not able to get in on deals because the prices get bid up to retail prices. Ou...
MSNBC reported that owners home equity nation wide is at its lowest levels in decades. Many bought homes when the market was at a peak and now owe more than they can get for their home. Others took out home equity lines increasing the debt owed over what the home was worth. As the market cycles h...
Las Vegas community, Summerlin, is known for its amenities and great living. As the summer heats up so do the trips to the pools. Summerlin has 3 community pools with another scheduled for 2010. One of the pools is an Olympic pool funded by the Hugh's Corp.Many of the neighborhoods within the mas...
As could be expected, the housing trend's rise and fall sparked similarities in the size of home people believed they could afford. During the boom it was the McMansion. Now, home builders are releasing smaller models and buyers are selecting them.In Las Vegas, clients are commonly looking for th...
Bernanke says rate decrease unlikely. Oil prices are a double edged sword he says. Worries about inflation have the Fed leary of dropping the key rate. What does that tell us about housing rates? Well, though the two are related, it doesn't mean much initially. Lenders have set their rates and un...
CNN reports that some are being rescued from a sticky foreclosure situation. They have helped many keep their homes. "Hope Now helped 183,000 at-risk borrowers stay in their homes during the month of April..." Many of the home owners were simply allowed to make up late payments. However, many loa...
A short sale is when a bank will allow a home seller to sell for less than they owe the bank. Sellers often need to move and buyers often want to buy but the current home value is less than the mortgage amount. Banks are all that stand in the way. Ironically, they end up losing more money by fore...
The Green Movement is strong and will get stronger. Many are out to improve and conserve our environment. On the Las Vegas RJ a reader asked about an HOAs role in natural energy restrictions. The interesting response is that no governing body can regulate systems used for solar or wind energy. Th...
Home buyer/seller sentiment often follows what is read in the news. An article in MSNBC suggest that the housing market won't be turning quickly. They give 4 reasons it will take some time: More looming foreclosures to come The Mortgage lending system is broken Consumer confidence is in the toile...

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