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National Realtor web site has added a new service to their offering. They have integrated with MicroSoft Virtual Earth to provide a home valuation option. A service like this is important when trying to get a ballpark on homes within a market.In Las Vegas, those interested in real est...
Even in the midst of so much negative housing news, Internet leads keep on rolling in. Las Vegas real estate agent web sites continue to receive a steady flow of interest from buyers, sellers, and renters. Clients tend to be reluctant to act quickly but they are interested. Investors are nosing a...
Homes in Las Vegas that were selling for $320,000 are considerably lower priced today. Our team just put a home under contract for $120,000. Granted, it was a foreclosure property that the bank wants to dump but the numbers are staggering. Oddly enough, you can't build that home today for that pr...
A lot of emotion gets tied up in a home purchase. Lenders and other professionals are considering mandatory mortgage counseling prior to making a home purchase. Recent housing woes have many searching for methods to avoid future fall out.Las Vegas real estate has been in the forefront with high f...
The Las Vegas sun will beat down this week as temperatures rise to a new record for this period of the year. Las Vegas weather is usually quite predictable and the newmen claim higher than normal marks. Surprisingly the days to follow may drop off considerably and produce rain. There was talk of ...
Sun City aliante, the seniors community in the north end of Las Vegas, is closing out soon. Aliante as a whole has been popular and offers up great options for housing in the newer part of North Las Vegas. Sun City specifically offers seniors housing in a quieter, calmer atmosphere. At the same t...
The housing starts stats rose by around 8% in April. Apartment construction is adding new units pushing new housing numbers up. Single family housing is still weak but the optimism by contractors represents some recovery after a very slow March.However, before we see a large up turn in these over...
Yahoo listed a group of housing markets that are expected to show growth in value this year, even with the recent market down turn. The top five are: McAllen, Texas Rochester, NY Birmingham, Alabama Syracuse, NY Buffalo/Niagra Falls, NY For the rest of the list and details go here. Regarding Las ...
Home remodeling activity expectedly down with market skeptisism and activity. Many sectors of the economy are affected. Retail goods, remodeling services, and other related areas. Now is actually a great time to negotiate top deals with a remodeler if your finances allow. There is a surplus of ti...
Las Vegas real estate agents have watched the foreclosures inventory pile up among banks. Many of these homes are vacant and many of those that are vacant have pools. These pools, left unkept, have begun to turn green.Our next-door neighbor up and left his home. The pool has evaporated considerab...

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