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Las Vegas is known for its hot summer weather. Many home owners ease the heat by buying homes with pools. CNN showcased some great pool designs recently. They are some pretty cool home features.Many home buyers seeking pools wonder about the value between purchasing a home with a pool versus havi...
The news commonly reminds us of unexpected disaster and loss of home. This Wall Street Journal article suggests we get our insurance in order. Many of our homes may not be insured properly for possible issues. We don't intend to scare home owners but want to point out that there are ways to verif...
We see huge, expensive Las Vegas homes. However, none of them approach the worlds most expensive. Forbes reported the first billion-dollar home.Supposedly, every floor in the 27-story residence is unique driving the price around $2 Billion. It has around 400,000 sqft of interior space. It will be...
An article in CNN this morning was very intriguing and will likely spark some political skirmish. As mentioned in the article:"Under the House plan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would dole out the loans and grants based on the number of foreclosures and home prices in an area. ...
The Aliante community in North Las Vegas is offering considerable incentives to home buyers. They claim to be offering very competitive pricing and financing options.Many Las Vegas communities are offering significant discounts and doing everything they can to attract qualified buyers. These buil...
Interest rates on mortgages have remained relatively low in recent months. They have risen slightly to 6.06% from around 5.5% in previous months. Bankers have concern for inflation and are adjusting accordingly.What does that mean if you are purchasing Las Vegas real estate? It means there are st...
Many home owners bought homes years ago with payments over their heads. Over time their inability to pay has threatened or damaged their credit. Many of those who had protected their credit the most misestimated their repayment potential and are now struggling to maintain a good credit reputation...
Following years of appreciation marked at 30-50% per year, the Las Vegas housing market has dropped in value some 22% as it readjusts. Foreclosure trends, mortgage issues, and economic factors have curbed the previous growth. Many buyers remain on the edge awaiting better news before taking the p...
Articles like this one: Yahoo, illustrate the investment potential in the Las Vegas real estate market today. Hundreds of foreclosures are for sale and in order to compete new home builders are offering amazing deals. Our team is selling several foreclosures a month directly from reputable banks....
US homes for sale and that are vacant is up. That's a likely scenario in Las Vegas as well. Either people move and wait while a home sells or banks leave it empty while the home sells as a foreclosure. Reportedly:"The Census Bureau report shows that shows that 2.9 percent of U.S. homes - excludin...

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