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If you're an investor of any type, or a follower of Robert Kiosaki for that matter, then you have your eyes peeled for great opportunities in multi-unit residential real estate. When I lived in Utah there was a consistent stream of duplexes and fourplexes on the market. However, Las Vegas has qui...
Whose eyes don't light up when they hear about top real estate agents who sell a million dollar home and net a huge pay check...and then they do it again. Some of the top real estate agents in the market make a killing. However, that's like any other industry. The top professionals perform and be...
Across the country many home owners must sell their homes for various reasons. Many are upside down and must sell short. A short sale is when the bank allows a seller to sell a home for less than what is owed. Why would a bank allow this? What many don't know is that it is very costly for a bank ...
The Summerlin community in Las Vegas held an open house and attracted more than 3000 potential home buyers. Buyers were able to tour a variety of homes and many neighborhoods saw considerable foot traffic.Summerlin encompasses 22,500 acres with about 9,000 acres still remaining to accommodate gro...
Las Vegas real estate agency is when a real estate broker or salesperson provides services of representation for a client attempting or succeeding in the purchase of Las Vegas real estate. Las Vegas real estate agents are bound by law as well as a code of ethics to provide services within limits ...
Buy Las Vegas Real EstateHomeowners and investors alike enjoy the benefits of Las Vegas property. The key factor for many is the potential outlook for strong appreciation, especially with many foreclosure options. When real estate gets hot nationally Las Vegas is a prime hot spot. Current signs a...
Las Vegas real estate has seen a huge increase in appreciation in recent years. New home values and resale home values alike have gained tremendously. Land prices have increased a great deal as well. So, many ask, "what is Las Vegas like as a community?" Many imagine The Strip as the way of the c...
Here are several trends that have topped the charts as popular:A reduced carbon footprint - there is an increasing concern of how residents and home owners impact their surroundings and environment. Many are seeking to reduce energy consumption. Outdoor living - outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, pati...
If you're a Realtor in this current real estate market there is no doubt you have had to deal with anxiety in one form or another. The Realtor Magazine outlines some ways to calm yourself or clients in this time of a tightened market.Calming your clients:Don't assume you knowwhat your clients are...
In times of frequent headlines like "Where to Find Million-Dollar Foreclosures" real estate agents find clients on both the buying side and the selling side hedging and indecisive. Realtor Magazine outlines 5 reasons clients won't move forward - and how to respond.No MoneyWhen buyers are hesitant...

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