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Inflation risks caused mortgage interest rates to rise. Home buyers may have witnessed a 41 basis point increase. Reportedly, the average on 30-yr rates rose to 6.37. Bernanke and crew are concerned about the economy and the effect inflation has. He is committed to helping out the economy as well...
The history of Las Vegas is fascinating and somewhat unique. The city of Las Vegas began to develop as an important stop along the Old Spanish Trail between Santa Fe, New Mexico and southern California for much of the 19th century. The oasis enabled Spanish traders to shorten their route to Los A...
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports both the number of homes and the median prices of those homes dropped last month. That's no surprise to many who are growing used to the trend spoken of consistently in the press."The National Association of Realtors said Monday that sales of sin...
An article in the RJ suggests that the demographics of people purchasing homes in Las Vegas has not changed. However, the number of overall buyers has. Whether they are first-time-home buyers, couples, families, bachelors or bachelorettes, retirees, etc. they are still making purchases.Buyers rea...
Recent interest rates cuts have motivated many to attempt to refinance their property. However, many may be unable to do it successfully. Mortgage lenders are looking for considerable qualifications. The house must have equity, the borrower must have good credit and work history, and the house ne...
Las Vegas has seen amazing economic growth in this decade. It has invited huge development projects and investments. Many of the economic factors contributing to the index have seen positive increases while others are flat or slightly lower. "Still, the six-month forecast remains flat, (with) no ...
The Fed's lower rates have sparked greater interest in mortgage products in the Las Vegas area. Applications are up considerably as people see a great time to purchase a Las Vegas home."Refinance applications are up 92 percent since the beginning of November, while purchase applications are up 7 ...
Opening day in the highly touted Las Vegas community is approaching. The Las Vegas Trump Towers are luxurious."No one does the luxury lifestyle better than Trump," Schaeffer said. "The dining and spa experiences at Trump Las Vegas will be unsurpassed by any other high-rise project in town." - LV ...
I had a recent discussion with the President of one of the home builders here in Las Vegas. I asked if they had their operations on hold for build out Las Vegas communities or if they were pressing forward despite economic issues revolving around housing. He responded that they had slowed down bu...
Many real estate agents I know struggle to become wealthy. Many just don't make money. Many who make money aren't disciplined enough to manage it. A few are wise and take care of their finances. Here are 10 traits listed by Yahoo that will help any professional become wealthy over time:Be patient...

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