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It proves you can be a star in one area but not great in another. It is the same in all professions. A Realtor can excel in one niche of real estate, but not have the passion or personality for other areas. In the 70’s Cassidy filled up stadiums as a teen idol star. In 2011 Cassidy didn’t have th...
In a short sale: The longer the banks take, the sellers are less inclined to subject themselves to the stress. The longer the banks take, the buyers are less inclined to subject themselves to the uncertainty. The longer the banks take, the Realtors are less inclined to subject themselves to the w...
As gas prices go up, house prices go down. Buyer's have less money left over to dedicate to mortgage payments. Therefore they have to pay less for houses. More owners will fall behind on mortgage payments, which will increase foreclosures and short sales, further fueling the downward spiral of ma...
Your Realtor is diligently helping you with the short sale of your house. The Realtor will be doing the "heavy lifting" with your lenders. However, it is vital that you, the seller, provide assistance when necessary. Help your Realtor help you. Your Realtor will be performing dozens or hundreds o...
Write down quantified goals. Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and annual goals. Develop a task list required for the attainment of each goal. Share your goals with others you trust, people who care about you and want you to succeed. They are your inner circle. Review your accomplishments ...
Litton Loan is the first mortgage, Citi is the second. Citi won't approve a short sale settlement amount until they get a copy of the payoff to Litton and the amount of losses Litton will incur. Litton says they won't approve the short sale until Citi approves their settlement amount. Litton wait...
I have seen many houses severely damaged by limbs or entire trees that came crashing through the roof. Louisville KY is prone to wind storms, right around Kentucky Derby time. Even strong and robust trees can be felled by mother nature. The same is true for ice storms when the limbs are forced to...
Yes, you can short sale your house even with structural damage. Indeed, the lender may be more inclined to settle your loan because of the structural damage. The bank does not want to own your house. But who will want to buy my house with structural problems? Someone will. Price fixes everything....
Who Falls Behind On Their Mortgage Payments? Good, honest, hardworking people! Overwhelmed by other life events, such as health reasons or divorce. Adjustable rates crushing them. Vanishing equity but need to sell. Business owners whose businesses got ground up in this unrelenting economy. Homeow...
I am a Realtor and I list short sales for overleveraged clients, often behind on payments. Their houses aren’t always in tip top shape. Buyer’s agents often ask me if the house will pass an FHA inspection. Our response is tendered as politely and professionally as possible, however our answer is ...

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