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In my previous post about Four Roses Bourbon in Cox's Creek KY - Largest Barrel in the World? I described the 2-story bourbon barrel that I came across on my way to a short sale listing in Shepherdsville KY The friendly guard couldn't wait to show me the motorcycle made of Four Roses Bourbon barr...
I was on my way to a short sale listing in Shepherdsville KY when I zipped by a 2 story high barrel glistening in the sun. I knew I needed a picture of this phenomenon, so I pulled in to what turned out to be the parking lot of Four Roses Bourbon warehouse facilities located in Cox’s Creek, Kentu...
Borrowers are angry and bewildered by the loan modification process. Many of my short sale clients previously tried to modify their loan. They were plagued with denials, large lump sum payments, HIGHER payments instead of lower payments, and other tribulations. Just the other day a seller who I a...
Nature is art, all we need to do is notice and appreciate. Oh, also carry a camera and be ready to shoot. It's almost unfair that I can take 10 seconds to capture this composition that nature placed in front of me, but an artist of first rate caliber would have to toil days or weeks to conceptual...
If the seller is convinced that there are ghosts in the house, is there a requirement to disclose? Multiple people state they have seen, heard and felt the presence of uninvited and inexplicable guests in the house. A psychic who was not briefed on the situation went straight to the location of t...
  Sequence of events in a short sale ·    Gather about a dozen documents ·    Submit to the short sale lender ·    Wait ·    Follow Up ·    Wait ·    Follow Up ·    Escalate ·    Wait ·    Repeat Although the cycle described above seems imaginary and cynical, it actually is a true description of ...
A buyer asked me a common sense question: “Why are so many short sale houses vacant? Why doesn’t the bank encourage the seller to stay so the house will stay maintained and protected?” He had just walked through a Louisville vacant house that the bank had neglected to winterize. He claimed the wa...
As a short sale Realtor in Louisville KY I visit many families in financial distress. It is always heartwarming to see how much comfort their pets bring them. As I sit at their kitchen table or dining room table sifting through foreclosure documents, mortgage statements and hardship letters, the ...
Simple answer: Start Now! Why start now? The longer you wait the closer you get to losing your house at the foreclosure sale. On the other hand, a short sale enables you to sell your house with dignity, rather than lose your house. You don’t want to gamble and wait too long and have your lender d...
  When the house becomes a money pit liability, emotions must be set aside and the house must be liquidated in the least damaging way possible. Running up more debt or using medicine money and food money to make the mortgage payments just doesn’t work out in the long run. Rather than let a forecl...

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