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If a Realtor is not a short sale specialist, he/she should refer their short sale to a local Realtor who is. The client-centric reason: It is the responsible thing to do for the client. The Realtor-centric reason: Someone else does the stressful heavy lifting and the referring Realtor gets paid a...
Scenario: (a) You have a listing, (b) A buyer or the buyer’s Realtor gets injured on the premises, (c) The seller, your client, is uninsured or under-insured, (d) NOW WHAT? Can this happen? Yes! There is no shortage of hazards; Snow or ice on steps or walkways, cracks in sidewalks, groundhog hole...
This almost requires an out of body experience. Sellers understandably attach higher value to their home. But buyers look at actual comparable sales. If you objectively look at actual sales in your area, how much would you pay for your own house? Trust The Comparable Sales An excellent Realtor wi...
I just heard the actor Richard Dreyfuss say “Be smarter on Friday than you were on Monday”. What a profound statement. I immediately related this to the complexity of helping sellers avoid foreclosure by procuring a short sale. A short sale Realtor’s quest for knowledge is never ending. There are...
The early offers in the first 14 days of the listing represent the pent up demand for that particular house style, neighborhood and price range. Current Pent Up Demand vs. Future Buyers Trickling In. There is a certain number of buyers currently in the market for your house. As soon as your house...
I had previously been to this house in Locust Creek Louisville KY before and never really noticed the landscaping. But this time, the frosty decorative snow toppings made the designs really stand out. I could have taken more pictures, but my client arrived and my feet were freeeeezing! Note to la...
Our business models need to be nimble and flexible, but without diversifying prematurely. Over-diversification dilutes our resources and our management time. We are in a market that defies traditional knowledge past real estate markets. Now more than ever we need to recognize that what worked yes...
I consider this beautiful and haunting song the ballad of Americans suffering a foreclosure and their Realtors valiantly helping them against the banking machine. The name of the song is “Living in the Promiseland”, written by David Lynn Jones and masterfully sung by Willie Nelson. Art has differ...
  Most importantly, everyone in our organization cares about helping clients avoid foreclosure. Track Record! We close dozens of short sale listings each year. Enthusiastically satisfied clients – many testimonials. Your lender pays the real estate commission so you don't have to. Capable. Highly...
Since countless studies indicate that banks lose 15% to 26% more on a foreclosure than on a short sale, do you think the banks resolved to expedite short sales in 2011? Or will they say they need to be chained to inaccurate data and turn down short sales because of a $2,000 difference so they can...

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