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  2010 was devastating for some, glorious for others. Did you blame others, or did you respond with flexibility and foresight? Excellence is the Minimal Acceptable Standard There was no room for error. Mediocrity wasn’t good enough. It lead to slow or fast demise. Excellence is the minimal accept...
Every time a bank beats up a short sale seller and their Realtor, the banks are delaying the recovery of the great United State of America. OK, let’s simplify. The “Loss Severities on Foreclosures” is the percentage of principal the lender loses when they foreclose. Once you add legal costs, hold...
There are many ways to measure success. Most of them are technical and financial. But looking back on 2010, Realtors should ask how many people are living a better life because you were in their lives this year? How many families improved their homeownership position because you guided them prope...
Yet another sad line item in the chronicles of short sale history. Fannie Mae turns down market value short sale offer. Fannie Mae issues an unreasonably high counteroffer, ignores appeals. Fannie Mae continues to spend money on the foreclosure process, and continues to lose money on a monthly ba...
Life throws curve balls. Financial problems Threat of foreclosure Family problems Health problems In 1941 Winston Churchill gave his "Never Give Up" speech during World War II. What can we learn from the speech? There are solutions, but they must be sought out. A foreclosure can be avoided, there...
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging. Are these central to your marketing? They should be. But what techniques will cannibalize these current mainstays of marketing? We must learn from the dinosaurs, or we risk becoming one ourselves. Not too long ago social media didn’t exist. Those who continu...
Banks sometimes aggressively market the deed in lieu option to homeowners who are behind on payments, even though a short sale is usually a much better solution for the homeowner and for the banks themselves. However, the banks stipulate to the homeowner that the house has to be listed for 90 day...
Sellers facing foreclosure worry they won't even be able to rent a house and their family will be homeless. We have many families avoid foreclosure and they always found a place to move to. A Short Sale Greatly Improves Your Position If you are facing foreclosure in Louisville, KY, you should def...
Many homeowners are struggling with mortgage payments and foreclosure and are worried they’ll be kicked out before the holidays. Louisville homeowners call me in November and December to ask how long a short sale takes. The question behind the question is often: Can I stay in my home for Christma...
As a general rule, the short sale does not cost the seller anything. Zero out of pocket, seller brings no money to closing. The Short Sale Lender Accepts Less Than You Owe In a short sale, your lender accepts and amount SHORT of your payoff, hence the phrase SHORT sale. They accept what the marke...

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