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George, better known as “Gorgeous George”, lived with his owners in Orange County, Ca.His owners were an elderly couple who were selling their home and moving to a small farm in Ohio where they had family nearby.The Listening AgentAt first the listing agent was pleased that she had a new listenin...
The short answer is yes. Professional marketers and professional home builders do not recommend having live pets as part of a marketing program. Many professional agents will provide a checklist of recommendations and advise their sellers that have pets, that there are some basic guidelines that ...
Picking the best home inspector is one of the most important decisions that a buyer or agent can make. Failure to do so can result in costly discoveries after the buyer has moved into their "Dream Home" or even lawsuits may occur.There are at least 7 import things that a buyer should know about a...
Buyers want to do a home inspection, then they discover the water, electric or gas is not tuned on. Then the question comes up about what to do about this.  Should the buyer just waive his right to have a home inspection and take the house "As Is"?This may sound OK at first, but in the long run i...
Sellers may not realize that if their home is vacant for 30 or 60 days that there may be a clause in their home owners insurance policy that requires them to notify their insurance carrier. Thus, an empty home may kill the insurance on it: affecting the seller and maybe the listing agent.YOU SAY ...

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