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Establishing yourself as the expert in your field will help you gain both recognition and respect. Luckily, that recognition and respect transfers directly to your company. If people trust that you truly know what you are talking about, they will feel good about investing in your product.How to G...
  Facing an economic crisis like the one we are dealing with now is not easy, and puts consumers at more risk than ever for flailing credit scores. With gas prices sky high, the cost of living on the rise, and the unemployment going up; it is easy for singles and families to get behind on bills a...
Homeowners Can Refinance their Mortgage for several reasons:To take advantage of lower interest rates and lower your monthly payment.If interest rates have gone down since you got your original mortgage, you could save money over the life of your loan, while reducing your monthly mortgage payment...
Why Investors Club rejects almost 90% of the properties research. Main things we look for in a property.LocationThe main factor to consider when selecting a property is which location will have the greatest potential for capital growth? We look for locations where there is an increasing populatio...
  For homeowners who have been in their homes for a while, one of the easiest and possibly cheapest ways of getting money out of their house is to refinance their home loan. Depending on the interest rate being offered on home loans, they may also be able to save money on the cost of their loan a...
Deals, Deals & More Deals!!   I've been a big believer in trying to make the process of helping Real Estate Agents get more deals by  finding tech tips. I want to help all Real Estate Agents to add value to their business. When I meet with agent or Broker, I will always ask the question. "How, ca...

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