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                Well it’s that time of year when you see those of us that have made New Year’s resolutions are now re-accessing those said goals! I mean, really, do I need to be able to fit back into those pants that have been taking up space at the far (and getting farther) end of the closet for...
The Downtown Fullerton has gone through a tremendous renaissance in the past 5 years. It has become a MUST visit area for us when hosting out of town friends. The options range from a nice quiet evening at the Twisted Vine to kicking it up at the Slide Bar to some awesome live Jazz. I have to tel...
It's interesting in this market that I still actually hear agents say they don't do Short Sales! I am in Southern Calfifornia on the boarder of Los Angeles and Orange County. I guess you could say I go both ways! So the latest figures tell us that 48% of all Orange County sales are distressed pro...
When holding an open house do you just let the buyer wonder willy nilly around the house or do you follow them around not unlike a used car salesman? Something happened this weekend at an open house that has given my partner and I pause in how we hold an open house. Historically we have always a...
Not much to say onther than Happy New Year to all of you Rainers out there. May the new year bring you some of what you desire and all of what you need!
Open House This Weekend- 16317 Lisco St Whittier Ca 3 BDRM, 1.5 BATH
As a long time resident of Southern California and a Disney Pass Holder we have the luxury of going to Disneyland or the new park California Adventure when ever we please. As most of us Southern Californians know, the new park has not exactly taken off and with the exception of a few rides there ...
  Why build a residential condominium complex there? The newest residential addition to the city of Whittier is The Gables of Whittier. This development was built by the HDS group LLC out of Pasadena California. The property is situated on 5.5 acres of Whittier blvd frontage in a predominantly co...

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