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I've had first time home buyers contacting me over the past few months saying they want to search for a house to buy. When I begin visiting with them I find they have considered where they want to live, how large the house should be, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the size of the...
I recently represented a couple in the Northern VA Real Estate area who had found the house of their dreams. This house really had everything they had always dreamed about. It had the layout, the land, location, everything they had placed on their wants and needs list was a part of this property....
I am amazed at the amount of people who believe finding a house to buy is the most difficult of the chores before them when going through the process of purchasing a home. In fact, I've had some individuals throw up their hands once they have found their dream house and say, "Wow, that wasn't as ...
I hear a lot of people these days expressing frustration over the fact that there house just has not sold. Sometimes it is the Realtors fault, other times it is all of the foreclosures and short sales and still other times, sellers lament the fact that they really hadn't done their homework befor...
You know what the old saying is when it comes to Real Estate Contracts or for that matter any Contract? Always take time to read the fine print! It is crucial to know what is on the paper you are about to sign before the ink hits the paper. Similarly, when you purchase and then finally receive yo...
We have all been listening to and reading the news lately with serious interest in reference to houses selling and buyers being able to secure a mortgage. While there is no doubt some money has gone away from the mortgage market that use to be there, please know there are steps you can take in se...

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