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It seems our fall weather is already a bit colder than last year and the heating bills have already started to go up. Many of us had hoped for a break of a month or two before winter heating bills hit our mail box but this year it appears it won't happen. The question becomes, "Is there anything ...
There are many reasons why some homes listed "For Sale" remain on the market longer than others. Sometimes it can be a busy road and that often means noise that penetrates thru doors and walls. Other times it can be property that is too close to industrial businesses; perhaps the builder has had ...
Thru the years, I've watched as some people have taken dramatic steps to repair their credit and do so quickly. Other times, I've observed others where the time to repair their credit took longer, but nonetheless they stayed with the task before them and made it happen. Still and unfortunately so...
Some time back, a lady sent me an email after reading one of my previous blogs and told me the following story. A couple had recently purchased a home from a builder who constructs a handful of houses every year in another state. By her own admission both she and her husband had failed to do thei...
While managing a Real Estate office I watched one of our agents work with some clients who wanted to buy a house and had gotten their pre-approval for a loan. The realtor's assumption was this couple, with that approval, were actually ready to make the purchase. His clients continued to look for ...

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