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What do you know about your credit and most of all, do you know how to improve it? Here are some thoughts that will definitely propel you forward in a positive way toward improving your credit rating and assisting you when it is time to buy that house or car you've always dreamed about. 1. Order ...
Whether you are a buyer or seller, these are confusing times when it comes to Real Estate. I meet people nearly every day that would like to purchase or sell their home, but don't know if this should be the moment to do it. Here is what I believe is real. Wherever you are in this process, you MUS...
I've observed two kinds of sellers when it comes to listing their property in the Fairfax Homes For Sale market. There are some who are not in a hurry to make the sale happen. In fact, it won't matter if it takes a year or two. For others; the sale will need to happen right away! I've put togethe...
It is amazing the stories I have heard from Sellers in reference to costly mistakes they've made throughout the selling process. I've had some tell me their errors in judgment have cost them time and sometimes money with huge disappointment.  Below is a list, certainly not complete because other ...
I've noted that many people who rent property struggle with many basics, specifically,  "How do I do this?" Some who have just a property or two to lease tend to forget it must be a business, you must know the laws of your state and most important you must know your lease complies with the law. H...
There is so much information to absorb when going house shopping. Everywhere you turn ink is hitting the paper about how to buy a house. Often the writer will mention a couple of key issues to consider, but it is seldom that an author comes along and basically covers if not all, at least most of ...
Buying a house can be a great experience or a very real Night Mare. Down through the years that I've been involved in Real Estate, I've met several individuals and couples who have phoned and later met with me that truly did not know, "How to Buy a House".  In fact, many people think it's about t...
Someone phoned me the other day and asked a simple question: "I'm thinking of renting from a private owner. If somewhere in the middle of my lease the property-owner is foreclosed on, could I end up on the street, even if at that time I am current on my rent?" Sad to say, the answer I had to give...
Here is a well known fact: Buyers often ask questions! How old is this house? Do you know why the owners are selling? How soon are the sellers willing to close? The questions go on and on and on. Of course, this is good! One of the biggest and most important questions I am often asked by buyers w...

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