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While I am not a Mortgage Loan Officer and for sure do not work for a Mortgage Company, at the same time I know a potentially good deal when I see one. As a Realtor and a Veteran, I know that for years Veterans were told that a VA Loan was not the best deal out there and as a result many of our M...
Falling head over heals in love with a house can be dangerous. It can cause purchasers to often ignore or fail to realize potential serious problems of what could later be haunting obstacles blatantly starring them in the face. A lady phoned me a while back after reading one of my previous blogs ...
I decided to re-blog this important information. Hopefully you will appreciate the help that is offered here in caring for an error on your Credit Report. I had someone speak with me recently about how to correct an inaccuracy on their Credit Report. In simple terms, they wanted to dispute someth...

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