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If you have served your country in the Military, then you must remember this: When you walk into your Bank or Mortgage Broker's office to arrange for your next Mortgage, don't forget to inquire about your VA Benefits, specifically a VA Loan. In our current economic position, this kind of loan can...
While managing a Real Estate office in another state, I led Sales Meetings every Tuesday morning at 9am sharp! We (50+ Agents and I) had breakfast, chatted a while and then talked about the nuts and bolts of Real Estate and working successfully with our clients. One subject often surfaced as bein...
I've observed the following: Blogs I've been writing in reference to selling your house and even selling it fast, are attracting a lot of readers. I am certain this is true especially for those who have had their home on the market for quite some time. I have a website I like to visit. It is call...
I have an article on my website that would be worth your time to read if you are currently in the process or are going to be in the process of selling your house. This interesting piece of writing will guide you in one specific thing you can do to expedite the sale of your home. By the way, somet...

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