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This was published before but is worth publishing again. Here we go..... "Wonderful experience" or "What a Nightmare" is how many people describe the home buying experience. As a Realtor, I've met several individuals and couples who truly did not know, "How to Buy a House".  In fact, many people ...
This is certainly one of the most important topics for Home Owners to be familiar with. For sure, one of the greatest frustrations many homeowners face is high insurance premiums, when to file a claim and somehow avoiding having their policy canceled for what we will call a variety of often what ...
I had someone contact me from another state where I hold an additional Real Estate license the other day. Her question was very simple and precise! Specifically, she was wondering how to go about choosing a Real Estate Agent? In her case I referred her to another agent and everything is working o...
In this economy, we all know that saving money in reference to energy is important. All of us understand by personal experience that energy is not costing us less, but in fact prices continue to rise. Every year we anticipate hearing on the news that our Natural Gas and Electric costs will be goi...
While managing a Real Estate office I watched one of our agents work with some clients who wanted to buy a house and had received their pre-approval for a loan. The Realtor' assumption was this couple with their approval, were actually ready to make their purchase. Her clients continued to look f...

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