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I’ve had property owner’s call or come up to me expressing frustration that nothing is happening in the effort of selling their house. Sometimes they have been frustrated with their agent, buyer agents and then of course the fact that properties are moving slowly. I’ve sometimes concluded (after ...
A family I am acquainted with in another state employed a contractor to remodel their basement. Their contractor worked for several weeks, always making a minimum amount of noise, picking up after himself, and seemingly using the best in materials. When he was finished, the job looked perfect. Th...
I have always been a strong believer and real proponent of "Presale Inspections" for Sellers. The reasons are many and I've mentioned them in many of my previous blogs.While spending some time reading this morning I came across this article that I thought I would pass on: Don't Sell Without Presa...
I’ve had a few people contact me thru the years over one issue in particular after moving into their new Condo, Townhouse or Single Family home. The issue has usually evolved from what has been a clear and obvious misunderstanding; sometimes from not knowing a particular rule existed or exists in...
I enjoy looking thru various stores! In fact, while browsing in a furniture store a while back, something enlightened me as to why some home sellers seriously annoy prospective buyers thereby possibly delaying the sale of their home. Here is my story and please read to the end so that you will un...
Buying a house can be a great or not so great experience. Through the years that I’ve been involved in Real Estate, I’ve met several individuals and couples who have phoned and later met with me that truly did not know, “How to Buy a House”. In fact, many people think it’s simply about touring ho...
In case you haven't heard, here is a link to some very welcome news about FICO Scores and FHA Requirements from Inman Newss. It is simply one more tool that should Real Estate Agents to have a very good year. FICOs and FHA: 2 big lenders loosen up Enjoy a productive weekend! David L. Burrows, Rea...
I've decided to post this once more. It is certainly worth reading: I’m sad to say that we hear every day about the homeowners who are loosing, or about to loose their home. For many, it seems inevitable. Not so fast though…. Before you throw in the towel you should read this article: Foreclosure...
I don’t know about you but every time I think about Home Improvement, I’m sure my eyes show dollar signs to anyone looking at me. Projects always seem in the end to have been much more expensive than earlier anticipated at the very beginning of the upgrade process. For example: My wife and I had ...
As a Realtor and home owner, I've discovered that owning your own has some wonderful benefits. For example:When purchasing a home, you will no longer have to rent and this means you won't have to give the key back to the landlord at the end of a lease. Additionally, you can paint the interior the...

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