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I received a phone call the other day from a Real Estate Agent friend of mine. He said, "David I just heard from the Loan Officer of one of my clients I'm working with". My Agent Friend continued on to state that his "Client (who was barely approved because of past Credit Issues) went out and spe...
My regular readers have often noted that I spend a considerable amount of time writing about Credit, Credit Reports and how important they all are in securing a Mortgage. Quite truthfully, you should be watching your Credit Report at least once a month. Additionally, remember, there are three com...
I'm know that many of us watch our FICO Scores like a hawk. On any given day, many of us Real Estate Agents know precisely where our FICO Score stands. More important, we understand how significant it is for our clients who are endeavoring to secure a Mortgage, to know their score, even before ap...
I have blogged several times on reasons why Sellers need a Pre-Sale Home Inspection. I guess it could be said, "I am a STRONG PROPONENT of doing so.I just came across an article worth posting on this blog. It says the same thing that I've firmly believed in and in fact, gives us THREE STRONG REAS...
I’ve had purchasers down through the years indicate they will NOT be getting a Home Inspection when buying their house. Many indicate they can look things over themselves and as a result save a few hundred dollars in what it would cost by hiring an Inspector. What has my response been? To give a ...
I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope you will enjoy the day with your family and friends, taking a brief break from the usual and sometimes stressful activities of the week. In fact, writing this brief blog post will be the extent of my Real Estate activities today b...
I started to become interested in collecting and memorizing quotations way back into the 5th grade, which was a long time ago, but I won't say how long. Anyhow, here are three of my favorites that I've collected down through the years.1) The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take tota...
Let me state at the very beginning of today's writing that this is being penned for Condo Owners. Why?I am certain many of my readers would say they prefer Condo Living above all other forms of Home Ownership. For others, there are many, many, many, who don't even want to consider it. As for me, ...
One of the issues I often discuss on this blog is in reference to getting your Pre-Approval for your next Mortgage. In fact, without a potential clients Pre-Approval, I simply do not show houses or properties of any kind. Once Pre-Approved, we truly "Go for it!!!"I've noted recently, in talking w...
When I was Managing a Real Estate Office in Northern Michigan, we had regular meetings for Realtors® and Staff. At least twice a year we would have a discussion about Realtor® Safety. This is a time when we would bring in Law Enforcement officials, have group discussions and promote how we would ...

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