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I don't know about you, but sometimes, I just can't help but take a look at certain things that somehow grab my attention. This morning, I was going through my email, a rather large amount of email, when I saw this title: 10 States With The Biggest Houses....Yes, I was curious and I seized the mo...
Yes it did Snow in October yesterday, October 29, 2011. In certain parts of Northern Virginia we had snow (Sugar Flakes) throughout the day but for the most part, it didn't stick. On the other hand, one of my Team Members lives out some 35 miles from me and they have 10 inches of the white stuff ...
Today I committed the unpardonable sin of computing. I accidentally deleted a very critical folder stacked with very, very important email from within my Microsoft Outlook 2010. I immediately knew what I had done and started to actually feel ill thinking, "David, how could you have done that?" Ev...
Fairfax County Virginia is truly a great place to live. There is so much to do and see by way of fun stuff and/or for it's historical value. Of course history can be enjoyable, too! Here is a website that talks about the National Air and Space Museum, Bull Run Regional Park, Wolftrap, Cherry Hill...
My wife and I just returned from a quick trip to Tennessee to see our lovely and very new (2 weeks old) granddaughter. Her Name - Gracie Marie and of course we think she is beautiful! Tonight's post is simply to say we are proud and also very grateful for such a beautiful gift.If you've been read...
I receive updates about Real Estate, Listings, Home Staging and many other types of news. Today I noted something in particular that will benefit all of my readers when it comes to taxes and specifically preparing them. This is an article that deals specifically with Inflation Adjustments for 201...
If you live in Fairfax County Virginia and are looking for things to do, I've just discovered a great website. When you land on the site, you will quickly discover Art Galories, Organizations, Performance Venues, Theatres and much, much more. I urge you to take a look and plan to spend some time ...
Many people have asked me this question in the past: "David, I want to spend some time exploring Alexandria Virginia - where can I find up to date information in reference to this historic city?"I've discovered a website that will help you TOUR THE TOWN; EXPLORE ARTS AND ANTIQUES; give you the ru...
I had an interesting experience this week that is a carry over from showing homes last weekend. This very brief and true story demonstrates one more time the need to get your Preapproval before looking for your next home. Let me emphasize, I only show houses to buyers who have their Preapproval. ...
If you like blends of folk, blues, gospel, and rock seamlessly, then you will not want to miss Ollabelle at Wolftrap on October 20th at 8:00 - 10:00 pm. The musicians are from various well known bands and promise to be a great performance. Tickets are $20.The best place to find out information ab...

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