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Many local residents of Gainesville Virginia, Haymarket and Warrenton have been asking about the time frame around the Under Construction Interchange at Route 29 & Linton Hall Road. This is currently one of largest Road Construction Projects in Virginia.I know it seems the project has been going ...
One of my favorite communities in Northern Virginia is the Town of Haymarket. Haymarket provides for both residents and visitors a nice small town environment that is filled with warmth and hospitality. The community has purposely preserved the Downtown Area and many of the older buildings in the...
A topic needing to be discussed but often isn’t, is that of “Managing Credit Wisely”. In fact, if I was a betting man (and I’m not) I would be betting on the fact that some of you who are reading this post today have messed up with your credit at least once in your lifetime giving you this proble...
FYI...  Haymarket, Fairfax and many, many other communities in Northern Virginia, often restrict the driving speed to 25 MPH in certain parts of their communities. Personally I think this is good because it helps to protect our Children, Seniors and Local Residents.Be advised when driving through...
I'm sure the title of today's post has caught your attention. Josh Groban Appearing At Wolf Trap. The date for his concert is Friday, August 16th, 2013 and he will be appearing at the Filene Center Wolf Trap. Tickets are now on sale: Box Seats are $95; Front Orchestra are $95; Rear Orchestra $85;...
I couldn't help but notice an article that crossed my desk earlier today in reference to Home Inspections. This particular writing talks about the kinds of things a Home Buyer should be aware of that a Home Inspector might discover. Personally, the items flagged in this writing should also be imp...
Whether you have recently arrived in Northern Virginia, are contemplating a move or have lived here for awhile, you will find the enclosed Northern Virginia Lifestyle Link page from my website helpful in finding your way around.This Lifestyle Link page will show you Governmental Pages to assist w...
Many people put off going to a lender because they fear REJECTION! More specifically, they fear the rejection of being turned down for a loan. I understand this because I am much the same way. Who wants to experience rejection when purchasing a home? The fact is, before you get serious about purc...
There are some advantages to getting up early in the morning. For me, it's always been the best time of the day. I do my correspondence, reading, follow up with contracts and so much more. I'm simply a morning person!There is another good reason for getting up early though. It's called taking adv...
I know there are some who will disagree with me, but I have always believed in "Presale Home Inspections" for Sellers. The reasons are many and I've written about them down through the years.Some time back, I came across an article on this subject that is worth the read: Don't Sell Without Presal...

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