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David Snell loves to be social and loves writing helpful articles that will assist the home owner as well as commercial client. Every thing from Mold Inspections to Mold Removal and helpful tips.
Is Every Thing, Negotionable In Life?Am I making, anyone hungry?  How do you like your steak cooked?  Grilled? Steamed, deep fried, Oven baked, charcoal cooked, gas cooked? Personally, I like my steak cooked,  on my Traeger wood pellet grill, with onions and garlic and lots of sesame seed oil, wi...
What do we have here?  What,  do you think,  this is?There is a story behind this. So, here is what happened.  I left out some bean sprouts, for about 48 hours. On purpose.  This is what,  the bean sprouts, looked like, after 48 hours.  Can you imagine is water leaks in a home or building, what c...
My name is David Snell and I am personally getting tired, of all the sales calls! Are You?  Why are people blowing up my phone, to sell me?  Do they think, cold calling works?  Do people really want to be bothered with sales calls?  No wonder, people do not want to pick up there phone, these days...
Do you see a problem or issue,  with this photo?  Look, very carefully.  I would remove this duct work as well as replace this duct work.  Replace with new.  Notice the insualtion that is around the duct work?  This acts like a sponge and holds water so it is best to remove it. This was a crawl s...
I got the above from Kelly's Tree House.  Courtesy of Kelly's Tree House from Face Book. It is during the worst storms that we face and go through that we will get to see,  the true colors of other people and if they really have our back and care about us or they do not care about us.  How many p...
My name is David Snell and I have lived and traveled all over the world.  Some of the places, I have lived in, are: South Korea, Indonesia, Sweden.  I have also been to Japan and traveled there many times.  It is very kind and respectful to take off your shoes upon entering the home.  These shows...
This is my client Don.  This is a photo of my client Don and David.I believe in making it about the relationship and NOT the Sale! I was retained by Don and his wife,  Denise,  to perform an inspection to there home, with sampling and Mold Testing.  I performed an Infrared Scan with penetrating a...
Last Saturday at 2 a.m, I got a call about a Water Damagein Indian Trail.  The client called many Water Damage companies and no one picked up her call, even though my client called other emergency service Water Damage Companies.  If you are an emergency service company please pick UP  the call or...
How often do we take our lighting for granted? This could be indoor lighting or out door lighting. I am writing this article for Tom Bye.  Tom Bye is an indoor and out door lighting specialist and consultant. He is a professional lighting consultant with MEBULBS and he can be contacted at: TBye@m...
In your opinion, is America Healthy or Unhealthy?What can each of us do or provide,  to have a healthier America? Have you ever heard the exprssion, Your Health is your wealth. When we are not healthy, we are not able to give and offer our very best, to others. This piece of writing is more about...

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Executive Restoration LLC has been in business since 1987. David Snell is a Certified Mold Inspector for Residential and Commercial Properties. David Snell is a Certified Mold Remediator for Residential and Commercial Properties. David's passion is, All Things Mold Related. WWW.EXECUTIVERESTORATION.COM