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Happy Firday everyone. We have had some wild storms this week in the San Francisco Bay area. It's been Active (ly) Rain (ing) all week. The sun is supposed to shine this weekend. Boy I sure hope so. How's your weather?   Have a great weekend. Tap
Hello gang, A few years ago in our local newspaper, a seller complained that since home values had increased, we should lower our commission. He also stated that he purchased his home for $200,000, and his home was now worth between $800,000-$900,000. This motivated me to respond which was printe...
I'm watching the Jets and Chargers slug is out, and I can't stop thinking of next weeks game. New Orleans and Minnesota should be an awesome game next week. It doesn't get much better than that. I hope who ever wins that game wins the Superbowl. Tap
Hello friends. I was planning on going to go to the office today even though I didn't have any appointments. You can always find something to do. To make a long story short, I got lazy and decided to take the day off. I recently wrote a blog that said do not forget to take care of yourself. You n...
In real estate, we work hard to cultivate our business. Many buyers and sellers never see, or care how much work has to go into being a successful Realtor. Whether you are a football fan or not, a Texas Longhorn fan or not, it was a sorry ending for Colt McCoy. Here's a kid who has spent untold h...
If nothing else, the new year brings optimism. I feel so much better about 2010 and many of my co-workers do to. But it starts with you. Having a positive attitude. It's time to be blunt with the negative agents. If you don't have a good attitude, please don't come in the office today. Half the b...
Happy New Year Everyone. The other night, I took my wife and kids out for my wifes birthday and we met up with a good friend who was visiting from out of town that we hadn't seen in two years. We were asking each other how our business was doing and we both agreed that we had survived a very diff...
Hello and Happy Holidays! I've been fortunate to have a successful real estate career for twelve years without ever having a problem with one of my clients. Until now. I've felt for other agents over the years when their clients beat them to a pulp and treated them badly. Well, for the first time...
Another year has passed. Boy, they sure seem to go faster and faster every year. Don't they? Hopefully everyone made it through 2009 successfully. There were bumps in the road for all of us. As the saying goes, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. ( I'm still not a body builder ) :) 2010...
Hello everyone.  I thought I would share with you that if you want to give your new and past clients a little gift that won't cost you anything, go to Lowe's website and send your clients a free 10% off card. They will mail it directly to your clients with your name on it. It's another reason to ...

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